Hi! I'm Romaric.

I draw letters.

Past projects

I chose to hire Romaric for his skill with typography. I was looking for a specialist who would be able to translate the values of our mobile app into an original lettering, that would be used for our logo and the app icon. Open to feedback, source of proposals, creative and professional, Romaric has qualities that made him a good partner for our startup. I know already that we’ll further our collaboration in the weeks to come.

Herbert Zamora, Vizeer

Words dressed for the occasion

Lettering tailors the shapes, colors & decorations of your words to reinforce their meaning and fit their support.

A human touch

In an age where more and more things are digital, lettering brings a human touch to your words, with letters hand drawn specifically for each project.

Variety of applications

Lettering can be applied to a whole range of projects: single word logos to full sentence(s) quotes, small greeting cards to large posters (or why not a whole wall?)…

Process, not magic

Each project is the outcome of a creative process that helps me get to the finish line efficiently. For commissioned work, there’ll be key points where you’ll get involved too.


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