Starting anew

It had been a long while (more than 2 years, actually) since this website got any noteworthy update. Both its content and code were starting to be severely outdated. A good time to rebuild it, from scratch and in the open.

A place to share

The more we share, the better. I learnt so much reading tech articles online from people sharing how they built things, small and large. There will be plenty going on with the rebuilding of the site, so I might as well give some knowledge back, mistakes and wanderings included. And plenty going on after the site is build, new things to build, new experiments made, which I hope to carry on sharing.

Down with the old

I'm planning major changes for this new version, so it made more sense to start from scratch. Besides refocusing the content on web technologies, it will:

What about the old content? It'll remain accessible at, trying to not break links too much with the 4042302 technique proposed by Aral Balkan.

So where to now?

This journey start with lots of excitement, the head full of ideas of what to make from that blank state. With the aim to share the rebuilding of the site, I need to get some HTML out as fast as possible.

This means starting with the static site generator and quickly getting in the minimal features to produce, for each language:

I'll take a few shortcuts along the way, planning a little tidy up after I start publishing (famous last words). As you're reading these lines, this should be underway or even completed.

From there, I'll give a little more thoughts on the content I want besides a journal of the site rebuild, design suitable pages to hold it and implement that design. At least that's the plan :)

If that sounds interesting, grab the RSS feed or just come back on the site every now and then.